Beyond Ballet


In the fall of 2010 I joined a wonderful organization called ARTBOUND. Artbound is a nonprofit volunteer initiative that harnesses the power of the arts in support of FREE THE CHILDREN. We partner with artists and those passionate about the arts to raise needed funds to build sustainable infrastructure in developing countries that help underprivileged children to live better lives and break the cycle of poverty.

The primary focus is to build schools that enrich children with a full education, including art schools and programming, empower them through leadership and development of skills that help them improve their living conditions and generate sustainable income, and engage a global community in volunteer, school building and mentorship.

In addition to building schools, Artbound also supports Free The Children’s Adopt a Village model that provides clean water, medical care facilities and alternative income programs – all working in unison to allow children to learn and develop in a healthy and safe environment.

In Pebruary 2011 Artbound traveled to Kenya to assist in the building of the first arts school in the country. The pavilion is a centre for singing, painting, dance and theatre. It has been fully integrated into the Kisaruni School for Girls that FTC built.

This trip was truly an experience of a lifetime. To learn about my personal experience in Kenya check out my  TOUR DIARY on the CTV website, and a VIDEO made by my friend and fellow Artbounder Shayna Haddon. One year after the experience Shayna also produced a film for Bravo Fact which tell the story of Nelly Furtato's experience on the same trip. Watch it HERE.

SInce that first experience I have returned to Kenya where I had the priveledge of teaching a 3 day dance workshop (you can read about that experience HERE), and I have also expereinced rural Rajastan, India. In India I saw the most need I have ever come face to face with, but I also experienced a great sense of hope because I have seen what intelligent, dedicated work can do to help people improve their lives. 

Don't forget to check out ARTBOUND to learn more about the great work that is being done around the world.