Pinocchio and Something for Everyone

March 2017

This March Toronto audiences can take in two very entertaining programmes at the Four Seasons Centre. 

Up first, for the child in all of us, is the long awaited Pinocchio, choreographed by England's Will Tucket. Filled with humour, over the top sets and costumes, flight, and even spoken word, this production is made to entertain and have all ages leave the theatre with a smile on their faces. 

I'm so excited to be dancing the role of the Cat. Along with my Fox partner Felix Paquet, we try to lead Pinocchio from the straight and narrow path, and seperate him from his 5 gold coins. As I normally don't dance characters from the wrong side of the tracks I'm having so much fun bringing the Cat to life. 

My role is one of many wonderful characters that make Pinocchio so much fun, and I know the audience will enjoy seeing the world premiere this month. 

To learn more about the production click HERE
 will be dancing Feb 11th, 12th, 18th, and 19th at 2pm 
                        and Feb 16th and 23rd at 7:30pm


Following Pinocchio, the ballet switches gears into one of our mixed programmes. Within an incredibly varied reperatoire I will be dancing Ballanchine's energetic, and extremely difficult Tarantella pas de deux. For a pas deux deux lasting only 7 minutes, the stamina and technique required for this work is exceptional. The work is also a ton of fun and I'm so looking forward to getting out on stage. I've wanted to dance Tarantella for years, and I'm so happy that it is happening.

Also on the programme the National Ballet will be presenting Wayne McGregor's Genus (if you enjoyed Chroma you will enjoy this), Robert Binet's Self and Soul (recently premiered at the Eric Bruhn Competition), and Jerome Robbin's The Concert (a comedy filled with cheeky choreography and slapstick). There is truly something for everyone, and although the titles may not be the most recongnizable to a lot of theatre goers, I believe this is one of our 2016/17 season's best programmes. So, give it a go! you won't be disappointed! 

To learn more about these perfromances and to buy tickets click HERE
Check back soon for the dates that I will be dancing.