"At Sunday’s matinee, however, Jillian Vanstone offered a more innocent Manon whose naivety and weakness for the gilded life leads her down a tragic path. Her innocence is matched by that of her devoted Des Grieux, corps de ballet member Harrison James dancing a major principal role and acquitting himself splendidly. The chemistry between Vanstone and James is electric. His utter devotion seems all the more plausible given the way Vanstone projects Manon’s conflicted yearnings. "
~ Michael Crabb - Toronto Star
"Jillian Vanstone and Harrison James made an exquisite pair, dancing the lead roles in “Manon” with the National Ballet of Canada on Sunday. It may be getting cold outside, but inside, the pas de deux were scorching. "
~ Penelope Ford - Fjord Review
"...the frenzy of Alice (beautifully acted and energetically executed by Jillian Vanstone) "
~ Jerry Hochman - Critical Dance
"As Alice, Jillian Vanstone was so natural that she became the role. "
~ Colleen Boresta - Critical Dance
"Vanstone is pretty much perfect as Vera, radiating an innocence that readily flows from her lyrical line and uncluttered acting style. "
~ Deirdre Kelly - Critics at Large
"Vanstone is a great classicist who makes tricky footwork look like child’s play. "
~ Paula Citron - The Globe and Mail
"Vanstone is adorable as the perky Olga, charming with Lensky, and flirtatious with Onegin. Her angst in the duel scene is a complete turnaround of her personality, which Vanstone conveys in convincing fashion. "
~ Paula Citron- The Globe and Mail
"I suspect Ashton would have loved Jillian Vanstone as Vera with her delicate footwork and polished classical technique. "
~ Dana Glassman - National Post
"...the Sugar Plum fairy, deliciously danced by principal Jillian Vanstone... "
~ Michael Crabb - The Toronto Star
"Jillian Vanstone's Italian Princess in particular was a show stopping standout. "
~ Michael Crabb - The Toronto Star
"Principal dancer Jillian Vanstone was an exceptional Giselle in the afternoon and was reminiscent of Ms. Kain in aplomb and wonderfully centered technique. As the village girl in Act I, she combined qualities of sweetness and naivete without degenerating into little girlness. The elements of her variations - pique arabesque penche, hops on pointe, balances, pique turns - were all tossed off easily and joyously. Her mad scene was intensely captivating without the use of Osipova-like histrionics. So emotionally stirring were her Act II series of rapid entrechat quatre followed by the slow aching beauty of her arched arabesques that sniffle could be heard in the audience. Every moment that Vanstone was on stage was pure pleasure to watch. "
~ Haglund's Heel
"Ebe and Vanstone were a happy match.Vanstone is a naturally vivacious performer with a warm stage presence. Were there to have been any anticipatory concern about her Giselle it would have rested on Vanstone's capacity to portray the character's fragility; and it would have been misplaced. She deftly ad compellingly negotiated the entire dramatic arc of the ballet. Perhaps it would not be invidious to suggest she also brought out the best in Ebe. "
~ Michael Crabb - Dancing Times
"...young Alice (a spunky and effervescent Jillian Vanstone) "
~ Sarah Kaufman - The Washington Post
"Jillian Vanstone was a tour-de-force as the opening night Alice, on stage virtually the entire three-act ballet...Jillian Vanstone was brilliant with her pointe work - her pretty toe shoes fluttered across the stage as if she were a feather floating by.  "
~ -Carolyn Kelemen- DC Metro
"As Alice, Jillian Vanstone brings a youthful charm and a fetching spirit to her performance. "
~ John Coulbourn - Toronto Sun
"Vanstone is an absolute charmer. Her technique has always been exquisite, but this ballet also demands an actress. Her Alice is a feisty girl who isn't afraid of anything, and who throws herself into every new adventure with gusto. She seems absolutely alive on stage, glowing with youth. "
~ Paula Citron- The Globe and Mail
"As Alice, ... Jillian Vanstone is magical. She barely leaves the stage in the 70 minute long act and never loses stamina. Her jumps are light, her turns brisk, but it's her youthful curiosity that draws the audience right in. "
~ Dana Glassman - National Post
" On opening night [Alice] was danced by Jillian Vanstone...who charmed the audience with a star making performance that embodied Alice's game curiousity. "
~ Brian D Johnson -
"By the time Jillian Vanstone...finished dancing a devilishly difficult solo, she'd firmly established herself in the audience's affections. "
~ Michael Crabb - The Toronto Star
"...Jillian Vanstone was lovely and fresh in Spring. "
~ Denise Sum - Dance View Times
"...Jillian Vanstone capturing the delicate innocence of Spring... "
~ The Globe and Mail
"Canadian first Soloist Jillian Vanstone romped through her own Aurora debut with irresistible, almost coquettish, high spirits. "
~ Michael Crabb - Dancing Times
"First Soloist Jillian Vanstone is finally getting the push she deserves as Bianca, Kate's ultra faminine sister. In her seven years with the company, Vanstone has been one of the most consistent dancers. Her Bianca was never cloyingly simpering. Instead, she was a girl with spirit, no mean feat against Hodgkinson's Kate...(As a side note, in some performances, Vanstone is playing Kate, which speaks to her versatility.) "
~ Paula Citron- The Globe and Mail